LAWRENCEVILLE, GA – Young Chop — real name Tyree Lamar Pittman — was evidently arrested this week. During an Instagram Live session, the tenured but seemingly troubled producer was fearful of leaving Gwinnett County Jail in Georgia and believes someone snitched on him.

“Hey y’all boys told on me,” he says. “Them boys working with the people, man. I hope nobody calls me while I’m on live right now. Young Chop is free you guys. This shit crazy.”

He asks in a second video, “Who this is? They said they coming to pick me up? I don’t know who that is. I’m scared. Am I good? I’m just trying to make sure now. I don’t know who the fuck this is though. They ain’t gonna shoot a muthafucka in front of muthafuckin’ police station, is they? On god. I don’t know who this car is. Who this is? I don’t know who that is. Man, Young Chop free though.”

According to Gwinnett County Jail inmate records, Chop was released on Tuesday (April 7) with a bond of $705.00. Charges listed at the bottom of the page include failure to maintain insurance, expired tag/registration, driving without a valid license and reckless conduct, however it’s unclear if those are the most recent offenses.