“I don’t mind that music controls my life. I don’t mind that I wake up, eat, sleep, and breathe music.”

Nimic Revenue’s life is music, and she’s finally sharing more of it with the world. Her new EP Lifeline is out now, and it’s a huge step forward for the Minnesota native. Lifeline is an honest look into Nimic’s life, and she lays it all out there. “I feel like everything I say in my songs about my life is all true,” she says. “So all that’s a part of me. I want my fans to know that this really is my lifeline and to be part of the journey. This is all that I have.”

Putting out art out into the world can be scary, and Nimic is both nervous and excited. “It’s a little nerve-racking if I’m being completely honest,” she says as she reflects on the project finally being out. “Because I know what I have, it’s just that the world doesnt know what I have. I feel like I’m about to meet the love of my life for the first time. The music is my everything. To see it finally out in the world… its been in my head and studio… but [now that it’s out] it feels amazing.”

Lifeline is a quick listen at just six songs and 17 minutes, but it feels much longer. Each song feels full, and Nimic packs a lifetime of stories into the project. She raps with an urgency, but nothing feels rushed. Nimic takes nothing for granted on Lifeline, and she swings for the fences. “This could be my last chance, so make it as big as possible,” she says. “So if I were to go right now I want to know that at least all the music I worked so hard for, that I left that body of work here in this world. Even if I’m dead that music will stay and have a life of its own.”

Listen to Lifeline HERE, and watch her video for “Paramount” below.