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For Montclair, New Jersey’s 21-year-old hip hop artist J.1.DA, writing his own music was his own “Little secret.” He wrote lyrics to his first song “Destroy” in the 7th grade, and his 8th grade teacher soon learned of his talent. He shared the song, “Getting down like Que” to his mother at the end of his 8th grade year in 2009. He’s always had a love for all types of music from Paul Macartney, Frank Lyman, Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, Barry White, James Brown, Opera, and especially Jimi Hendrix. When J.1.DA was first trying to make it as a new artist, he was willing to take risks and try anything.

J.1.DA describes his own music as relatable and fun, while at the same time signifying deep meaning. “Hip Hop music is about stories. Some of those stories can be meaningful and still be fun. I never choose a song that I can’t relate to in some way, shape, or form. My music will always reflect who I am.”

When asked about his first experience in the recording studio in South Orange NJ, J.1.DA responded, “My producer was amazed at how well I did in the studio the first time. He was speechless, and just jumped up in excitement! He just jammed to my lyrics.”

J.1.DA’s voice is rather unique, since his studio performance required little to no tuning. That doesn’t mean that J.1.DA doesn’t seek constant improvement and constructive criticism in all areas. “You can be a performer and not be an artist, but I am an artist. I have spent time studying and researching everything I can about the music industry and becoming an artist. I am not only honing my songwriting skills, but I am also developing my total package including my image and my stage presence, right down to learning how to use the equiptment in the studio. This isn’t just a dream of mine, this is a goal that I am determined to achieve and I won’t give up.” J.1.DA takes and applies all the advice he’s received over the years, from his managers and producers he works with.
J.1.DA’s influences include the hip hop artist, Nas and J. Cole. He was most touched by Nas’ music when his God Father played “It ain’t hard to tell.” Since then Nas has been his idol. As far as J. Cole, the first song he heard was “The Storm.” Ever since then, he felt like he had a syle simular to J. Cole’s. J. Cole always had a story to tell.

J.1.DA’s career started with just a simple “uh”. Perhaps that’s because he had not yet learned how to talk and could only say “uh” along with the music that made him such a happy toddler. But by age 8 he had found the words to perform his first rap song in the mirror to himself. It was a rather short rap, only one line, but he did it with as much passion as he does today.

J.1.DA constantly writes, and is in the studio, his second home. Currently, having an impeccable catalog, he manage to drop 8 projects…..Useful Information, L.I.V.E, The Change, The Change Part 2, The Change Part 3, Twins of The Summer, Project 4, and Until I Return. Preparing to this fall, “Jack Rose.” All under the umbrella of a True Music Entertainment, a brand he started back in high school.

J.1.DA has performed on platforms such as S.O.B’s in NY, Lincoln Park in NJ, Welmont Theatre, A3C Main Stage in ATL, SXSW in Texas, and the list goes on. Taken under the wing of the legendary Big Kap. He’s opened up for Uncle Murder, Rakim, and OJ da Juice Man to name a few. He’s won countless showcases, and was recently nominated Artist of The Year and Best Performer in the 2016 Hip Hop Junky Awards. He ultimately brought home Best Performer.

J.1.DA knows that, with God on his side, anything is possible for him to achieve his goals and make his dreams come true. “Everyone has dreams and goals,” he states. “I am just going for mine to the extreme!